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Rothschild, Rockefeller, Lenin and the Nobel Brothers

Baku oil wells

The Nobel brothers and Rothschild family exploited rich oil resources in Baku. Their competition had a great impact on oil production in that time.

This growth of oil production in Baku was based upon high quality crude oil, cheap available manpower, and the unusually quick and effective development and implementation of technical improvements. The Nobel Brothers put in a pipeline from the oil fields to the shore, and sent out oil tankers.

Brothers Nobel oil company, was headed by Ludvig and the three Nobel brothers were the main shareholders. Ludvig organized the entire system for refining, transporting by pipeline, boat and train, storage and selling and made a number of technical and commercial innovations.

Oil companies owned by the Rothschild family entered the scene in Baku followed by Rockefeller’s gigantic Standard Oil Company. This heated competition for control of the world’s top producing region. Blowout production decreased as the equipment was improved.

By 1884 Rothschild and Nobel were pumping as much oil from the Baku Oil Fields as Rockefeller was from all of his holdings in the United States. By 1901, Baku produced more than half of the world’s oil.

Rockefeller and Rothschild were competing as the world’s foremost oil and banking barons. Rockefeller was determined to do in Russia what he had succeeded in doing in the United States cornering the refining and distribution of oil.

But the two competitors finally realized that competition was not a good thing. The more oil wells they drilled, the more oil was produced, the more the price of oil per barrel fell.

It was decided that the world’s markets would geographically be carved up, with the two barons, Rockefeller and Rothschild, each having their separate, well-defined shares.

Moreover, limits would be put on oil produced globally so as to keep the market price as high as possible. Under this arrangement, both Rothschild and Rockefeller would benefit.

Of course, all other competition would be squelched, driven out of business, including the Nobel Oil Company in Baku.

Rockefeller knew the only way he was going to get in was to depose Tzar Nicholas II. As a solution the Rockefeller-Rothschild cartel funded the Bolshevik Communist revolution of 1917 to get control of the Baku oil.

Rockefeller’s puppets, Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin, soon reigned over the vast Soviet Russia empire.

In 1918 British forces captured the Baku oil fields. The Allies held the oil fields for two years. When US troops left the Baku oil fields, the 11th Red Army overwhelmed the weakened British forces that were still holding Baku, and took the oil fields back, ending World War I, and creating the reason for the Iron Curtain which would divide East and West for the next 68 years.

Lenin, following orders from the Rockefeller-Rothschild cartel, seized power in Baku and Branobel’s oil business in Azerbaijan was nationalized.

Hundreds of thousands of residents were slaughtered, especially the families of the oil company executives, engineers, and chief workers. Their luxurious mansions and homes were plundered, wives and children raped, tortured and murdered. The oil derricks and facilities of Baku were set on fire — torched.

The Nobel brothers fled for their lives back to Sweden, selling almost half of their  shares in Branobel’s to Standard Oil, so they could have the same property rights.

Naturally, the Baku oil assets of Rothschild and Rockefeller were lost as well, but this was according to plan. That plan dictated that Russia would, during the Communist era, not be a world player in oil.

This closing of Baku immediately resulted in an astronomical increase in the global price of oil. Rockefeller and Rothschild were well compensated for the temporary loss of their Baku assets. “Creative Destruction” had brought fabulous riches to both Rothschild and Rockefeller.



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