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Mysterious ancient star chart drawn on the ceiling of ancient tomb


The most mysterious star chart is drawn on the ceiling in an ancient tomb in Japan. This star chart, which appears to be the oldest one ever found, was carved around 65 BC.

Kitora Tomb is located near the village of Asuka. This tomb is decorated with colorful paintings, which represent the four cardinal points. North is protected by a black turtle, south is guarded by red phoenix, while the west and east are guarded by a white tiger and a blue dragon.

This discovery was made in 1983. The most important discovery is mysterious star chart. Celestial map with 68 constellations is carved on the tomb’s ceiling. Three concentric circles drawn in vermilion represent the movement of celestial object.

Researchers believe that remains of an official or the prince of the region are placed within the tomb.

It is believed that constellations are an actual representation of how they looked in ancient times. Because the tomb is dated to the 7th century AD, it is unknown why an image of sky dating to the 1st century BC was used.

According to researchers, Pleiades, Hyades, Virgo, Libra, Orion, The Big Dipper are among 68 constellations. Even the Spring and Autumnal equinoxes were mapped.

The fact that someone was able to precisely depict all of the constellations, without an obvious purpose for it, is quite curious.

Steven Renshaw explained that the painting served as a place in the cosmos for the tomb’s occupant.

He also added that the chart is filled with noticeable graphical and observational errors. However, such errors exist because the artist probably did not know the underlying astronomical principles.

Independent researchers Mitsuru Nakamura Soma and Tsuko concluded that the map represents how the sky looked several hundred years before the construction of the tomb Kitora.

According to Soma, the chart represents how the sky looked between 240 and 520. On the other hand, Nakamura believes that it represents the sky visible between 120 BC 40 BC.

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