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Researchers found the body of the first real alien in a Mayan tomb


Many believe that aliens helped ancient civilization build and create amazing structures. This is why many alien investigators see evidence of alien existence almost everywhere.

A recent discovery in a Mayan tomb in Mexico was initially thought to be an alien. However, it was determined that the body is a child mummy. This discovery was revealed during a UFO conference in Bulgaria.

The latest tests conducted in the pyramids of Egypt revealed that unusual heat spots were discovered in one of them.

This led one of the recognized alien researchers to develop a theory that this is evidence that aliens used to visit ancient civilizations. Scott C Waring considers this discovery of unusual source of energy a proof that pyramids were created by aliens.

Mummy or alien

In addition to this, it is believed that aliens who visited the Earth were buried here in a traditional way by their hosts.

A conference was held in Mexico in May this year. Many pieces of evidence connected with aliens were presented during the conference. The organizers presented slides of an alien that crashed in a flying saucer at Roswell in 1947.

When the child mummy is in question, even though alien researchers claim that the body belongs to an alien, scientists claim that it is just a child mummy.


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