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Chinese discovered America before Columbus


In line with a new study, researchers believe that 2000 years before Christopher Colombus, American continent was discovered by the Chinese.

History is being changed by the new statements that trade between Eastern parts of Asia and the New World was conducted before Christopher Columbus discovered it.

Discovery of a dozen of Bronze artifacts in Alaska, debates that Christopher Columbus was the first to discover the American continent.

Proof that other people have visited the American continent prior the discovery in 1942 was discovered by a group of American archeologists. They excavated several artifacts, including a buckle and a bronze whistle in Alaska.

New theories have been proposed on account of discoveries which will change the history. China, Korea and the region of Yakutia, Russia, are origin of other cultures which have visited America before the Spaniards. As this occurred 2600 years ago, it means that the date of Columbus’ arrival is not the first historical visit.

As the techniques of obtaining that type of alloy were unknown in that time of history, the only conclusion is that they originate from East Asia.

The Chinese were the first sailors who crossed the Pacific Ocean 40 000 years ago.

It is also believed that there is a deeper connection between Native Americans and Asian inhabitants. The discovery of DNA markers presents that American Indians and other natives are descendants of a number of Asian cultures.

According to recent genetic study, Asian travelers set foot in the New World before the initial belief that humans arrived in the New World 15,000 years ago.

Discoveries which change the course of history can be radical. Things should be looked at from another angle.


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