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Researchers discovered a lost ancient city in the Aegean province


The lost island was discovered in the Aegean province by Turkish and foreign experts. It is believed that the ancient city of Kane used to be on this island.

Ancient sources mentioned this city and its location in the province of İzmir’s Dikili district.

Geo-archaeologists gathered samples from the underground layers and examined them. Afterwards, harbors on Dikili’s Karadağ peninsula became a part of the research project.

This extensive research was conducted by archaeologists, prehistorians, geographers, topographers and geophysics experts. They also managed to detect the third lost island.

Archaeologist Prof. Felix Pirson revealed that many ceramic artifacts and architectural remnants led the team to locate the ancient city of Kane on the peninsula in Bademli village.

In line with ancient sources, the researchers discovered the location of the third island.

They also believe that the ancient city of Kane was used as a way station on the route to other locations, such as Lesbos, Edremit and Zeytindağ and the main harbor of the ancient city of Pergamon.

In the past, Roman used the ancient city of Kane as a harbor during the war against Antiochas III. This war happened in 191-190 B.C.

The Athenians and Spartans were engaged in a battle in this city. The battle of Arginusae happened in the southwest of the ancient city. Because the Athenian commander did not help the wounded soldiers and did not bury those who died in the battle, he was executed.

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