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Mumified being from an ancient lost Arctic civilization


Researchers have found an artifact which originates from Persia. Mummy belonging to an ancient lost Arctic civilization has been found in Zeleny Yar. This discovery has been located just above the Arctic Circle.

Archeologists have initially discovered a pit and afterwards they came across a cocoon. It is believed that this cocoon made out of birch contains a mysterious human being from unknown civilization. Connections with Persia have been made on the basis of scattered artifact located around this discovery.

This incidental mummification has happened because of combination of copper and permafrost. This combination produced a layer of ice. According to archaeologists, a child is hidden within this 1.3 meters long and 30 centimeters wide covering.  These human remains could be from the XII-XIII century.

Other artifacts belonging to this mystery medieval civilization have been found in this area before. Since 2002, this will be the first mummy discovered.

One of the researchers, Alexandar Gusev, said that further investigation of this body will be conducted in the city. At the moment, this discovery is kept in a freezer in the Shemanovsky Museum.

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