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Researchers discovered the largest pyramid in Mexico


A pyramid that is even larger than the Great Pyramid of the Suns has been discovered in Mexico, on the acropolis of Tonina, Chiapas.

It has been estimated by specialists from the National Institute of Anthropology and History that the pyramid is approximately 1700 years old.

First excavations took place in 2010. Since then, it has been confirmed by researchers that one of the largest constructions in Mesoamerica is located in the northeastern part of the archaeological site.

Seven platforms integrate it and they were specific spaces intended to serve as palaces, temples, housing and administrative units make this construction unique.

Researchers from INAH added that features of this construction are not repeated in any other archaeological site of the Mayan world.

Based on the evidence, it was concluded that it was built completely by ancient inhabitants. The previous belief that it was a natural hill is dismissed.

Roads which are located on top of surrounding elevations connect the structure. This pyramid is larger than the pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan, which measures 65 meters.

It has been concluded by INAH researchers that the city center had an architectural continuity between 10 and 12 hectares.

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