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Researchers claim ancient humans bred with aliens


Researchers have found that there are sections of DNA that do not match any hominim species ever found. It led them to believe that an unknown species, somewhere in the distant past, has bread with early human ancestors.

The natives of the Andaman Islands possess in their DNA a genome which comes from an unknown species. Perhaps our family tree is much more complicated and widespread than we thought.

This discovery was published in the Journal Nature Genetics. Made by Jaume Bertranpetit, in Pompeu Fabre University in Spain, he found something quite unexpected.

While meticulously studying the genome of people native to Australia and the Andaman islands, they found a DNA sequence which does not exist in any living European or East Asian, suggesting that people bred with a “mystery hominin in South Asia or the Pacific region.”

While there is one theory suggesting that this genome comes from Homo Erectus, unfortunately, there are not traces of DNA of the Homo Erectus with which they can compare the traces found in the Natives of the Andaman islands.

Alan Cooper, from the University of Adelaide in Australia, proposed that there may be multiple unknown hominin species that have contributed to these strange genomes.

Cooper stated that “Asia is a bit of a nightmare in terms of the number of different groups that were running around at the same time”

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