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Report claims Hitler engaged in bizarre sexual fetish acts and forced his niece to act them out


Hitler’s life has been analyzed by many. The latest facts about his life reveal that he was into bizarre sexual fetish acts.

A U.S. intelligence report claims the Fuhrer indulged in bizarre sexual fetishes and even made his own niece act them out. A psychological profile compiled by American spies revealed that Hitler was a coprophiliac — someone who gets sexual pleasure from feces.

He allegedly forced his niece, Geli Raubal, to perform disturbing sex acts.

Before this finding was made public, the most recent information revealed about Hitler’s sex life was that he had an abnormally small, deformed penis and had only one testicle.

These latest claims about Hitler’s fecal fetish were made in a report called “A Psychological Analysis of Adolph Hitler: His Life and Legend,” which was compiled by U.S. intelligence agents looking to discover what made the dictator tick.

The report’s author, Dr. Walter C. Langer, discovered the dictator’s bizarre fetish after gathering evidence from informers.

“We must not suppose that Hitler gratifies his strange perversion frequently,” Langer said. “Patients of this type rarely do and in Hitler’s case it is highly probable that he has permitted himself to go this far only with his niece, Geli.”

“The practice of this perversion represents the lowest depths of degradation,” he added.

Geli Raubal was found dead shortly after reportedly engaging in one of these sex sessions. Police ruled the death a suicide, even though she had been shot with Hitler’s gun.

Raubal reportedly told her uncle’s friend, Otto Strasser, about the fantasy. Strasser was forced to flee the country, it is believed, because Hitler was suspicious that his secret was no longer safe.

Langer’s report also claimed that Ernst Rohm, the head of the Nazi Brown Shirts, once remarked about the Nazi leader’s sexual fantasies on an evening out. He was later killed in the 1934 “Night of the Long Knives” in a purge of SA leaders who had angered the Fuhrer.

According to the report, German film star Renate Müller once alleged that Hitler ordered her to kick him as he lay curled up on the floor. She also died in what was ruled a suicide.



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