Monday , October 24 2016
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Putin Accuses U.S. Of Spraying Poisonous Chemtrails Over Syria


There is justified reason to believe that poisonous chemtrails were sprayed over Syria.

President Putin, who is fundamentally opposed to herbicidal warfare, is said to be ‘deeply disturbed’ and ‘furious.’ He is said to have demanded that Western government forces stop spraying chemtrails in Syria.

‘As I understand it, the Americans are not interested in defeating ISIS but they are interested in controlling the minds of the Syrian population.’

Chemtrails regularly remained in north-Western Syrian skies for whole days during American-led airstrikes on Khorasan and al-Nusra, according to the FSB report, transforming into cirrus-like clouds in the evenings.   It is said no civilian casualties have died from chemical deployment, but chemtrails are not about death, they are about psychological and physical control.



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