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Puppet master: George Soros manipulated Clinton


New leaked DNC emails from WikiLeaks have proof showing that apparently George Soros has been issuing orders to Hillary Clinton when she worked as Secretary of State.

The email, titled Unrest in Albania states that he instructed Clinton to do two things. The first, „bring the full weight of the international community to bear on Prime Minster Berisha“and to „appoint a senior European official as mediator“.

He also stated that the US and the EU must be in „complete harmony over this“.

If we take into account that he has been exposed contributing to the Clinton campaign tens of millions of dollars, one should ask oneself- for whom do I vote for, when i vote for Clinton.

Seeing as how Clinton also received money from the global elite around the globe, how can we believe that she won’t listen to them like she listens to Soros?

It is already known that the Clinton Foundation donors got arms deals through Clinton’s work at the State Department. It received donations from the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, Algeria and Saudi Arabia. They also received the freedom to get high-grade weaponry.

Another interesting point is that journalists are quiet. Hacker have shown to be the best investigative journalists in these times, being the most objective and honest, and most importantly of all, in no one’s pocket.

The journalists are manipulated by the elites and the New World Order is pulling all the strings, controlling the media and hiding massive debt and the actual state of financial ruin the world is heading towards.

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