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Prof. Stephen Hawking states alien life is real, warns human not to make contact

aliens will destroy us

Stephen Hawking is skeptical about contacting aliens. He believes that such decision is not a sound one and that people should be more careful.

Hawking revealed his thoughts on alien life and the life in general that surrounds our planet. He believes that we are surrounded by around 100 billion galaxies in the universe and every one of them has millions of stars.

This is why he is certain that we are not alone in the universe and that every one of them has some form of life. Therefore, the idea of finding other sources of advanced life might not be a good one.

When people think of alien life, a giant green creature pops into mind. Besides from science fiction representation of alien life, there are even other forms of it, from simple bacteria to advanced alien civilizations.

The Kardashev scale described this range from sophisticated to advanced alien civilization.

While millions of people believe in alien existence, there is still no firm evidence to support such claim or widespread belief among people.

If people can believe that God exists, they can also believe in aliens and other forms of life.

The search for evidence of alien life is brought to another level with the numerous technological advancements. Space agencies have a number of huge space telescopes, robots and other technological advancements which are invented for one purpose only – finding alien life.

Even though people are doing everything they can to find evidence of it, British scientist Stephen Hawking basically warns against it.

He claims that contact with aliens would be disastrous for our civilization.

He further claims that our humanity could be shocked upon discovering aliens.

He also believes that aliens are actually looking for a planet to conquer since they are used all their resources.

From that point of view, searching for aliens that are looking or someone to conquer, could be the death of our civilization.


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  • Crickey

    Stephen may have a point, with some of the species. However the little Grey I met was no trouble whatsoever.

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