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Pluto became a subject of interest of many scientists – VIDEO

sputnik planum

The most recent photographs of the planet Pluto revealed interesting features of this planet.

One part of this planet does not have any damages on its surface like the rest of the planet. The majority of the planet has clusters of small pits and channels. However, the area known as Sputnik Planum is without a trace of craters.

This area is covered with ice, which consists of solid nitrogen. Scientists believe that evaporation of ice actually caused deep pits and troughs.

Scientists are intrigued by these findings. Scientists are trying to figure out what has caused such alignment of pits and channels and all other physical processes happening on the planet.

NASA’s New Horizons unmanned space probe is responsible for these latest photographs of the planet Pluto. The space probe will provide new high resolution photographs in the upcoming months.

UFO hunters are using these photographs to look for alien in all the photographs. The evidence of the spacecraft has already been discovered in these photos. However, the majority of people is not convinced and they simply label it as one more case of pareidolia.

The latest discoveries about the Pluto were published in the Oct. 16 issue of Science. The New Horizons team released a paper under the name “The Pluto System: Initial Results from its Exploration by New Horizons”.

During this mission, the spacecraft observed and analyzed the planet Pluto at a distance of 7,750 miles. Numerous discoveries were made, and they testify to the diversity of landforms and terrain ages on Pluto, color diversity, composition and surface reflectivity and many other features.

They also concluded that Pluto is much bigger than it was previously believed. Further research will provide more information about the planet Pluto.



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