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Planet Nine: Researchers find new evidence of a Huge planet hiding at the edge of our solar system

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Researchers believe to have found new pieces of evidence which prove the existence of mysterious Planet Nine.

Scientists believe that the unusual and weird movement of objects in the outer parts of the solar system is best explained by the anomalous orbit of a huge planet researchers ar referring to as planet Nine or Planet x. In the past couple of months, strong arguments have been made by researchers around the globe which believe a huge planet, unlike anything we have seen in our solar system is somewhere out there.

The first indication of the anomalous planet was presented in January when researchers argued they had discovered a new planet in our solar system, based on calculations using objects at the distant edge of our solar system. Researchers studied the orbit of six celestial objects within the Kuiper Belt and argued that their orbits are heavily affected by something large and UNKNOWN.

Now, Mike Brown, the scientists responsible for the initial claims believes he has tracked yet another object located within the Kuiper Belt that has a highly unusual orbit. According to Brown, the strange movement is exactly what is expected if planet Nine did in fact exist.

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However, the new claims made by Brown have still not been published in a peer-reviewed journal nor have they been checked by other researchers.

While the quest for planet X has started decades ago, no one has been able to confirm the existence of the alleged planet hiding in the outer sections of the solar system.

If planet X (Planet 9) exists, it could help explain the elliptical orbits of dwarf planets like Sedna.

Astronomers suggest that if this planet does in fact exist, it’s very likely that it was ejected from the solar system when our planetary neighborhood was extremely young.



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