Friday , March 24 2017
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Global temperature is declining, not increasing



Claims supporting the ongoing global warming exist only to deceive people in paying the carbon-tax. In reality, temperatures are falling, not rising.

As many people now purchase things over the internet instead of driving to the local mall, the sales of gasoline have dropped. In order to gather more money from taxes, the countries are now going to tax people on the basis of mileage.

In addition to this, those who claim that global warming is happening are just a group of pretend scientists. What they do is provide studies which apparently support their mission to raise taxes, but those studies are basically false. A predetermined objective is put forward by these studies funded by the government.

It seems that nature adapts to the new circumstances after a disastrous event. Chernobyl disaster happened in 1986 and since then, nature has survived and adapted to the radioactive land. That is why people can’t change the climate cycle.

It seems that everything we think is happening is just adapted to support political goals.

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