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Study revealed new details about the burial of King Philip II


Based on new claims, it seems that King Philip II was buried in the Tomb I and not in the Tomb II.

These golden caskets had remains of several people and were discovered in the village of Vergina in northern Greece in 1977.

Based on one study published in 2000, it was revealed that the remains did not belong to Phillip II on account of injuries. Another study published in 2010 claimed the opposite, saying that the remains belonged to Phillip II.

In accordance with the latest research, it has been concluded that the remains found in Tomb I belong to Philip II.

The evidence used to support this claim is a hole in a leg bone, which corresponds to historical facts that Philip was wounded by a lance. In addition to this, based on the dating test, the remains belong to a 45 year old man and this corresponds to Phillip’s age at the time of death.

The other remains found in the tomb belong to his wife, Cleopatra and to their newborn. Both were killed after Philip’s murder.

Remains in the Tomb II seem to be placed there a lot after the death of Philip II, Cleopatra, and baby.  It is presumed that the second tomb was used as a resting place for the relatives of Alexander the Great. They could be King Arrhidaeus and his wife Eurydice.

The archaeologist Manolis Andronikos found that these tombs were filled with treasures. Two tombs of the four have never been opened, since they were sealed.

Philip II was the father of Alexander the Great. He was the one to lay the foundations for further enlargement by his son.

Interesting fact about Phillip II is that he had 5 to seven wives.

He was killed during his daughter’s wedding ceremony and it is believed that maybe his ex-wife Olympias requested it.

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