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Pharaohs and human race came from somewhere else


Ancient Egyptian history is followed by many mysteries. Egyptian mythology, pyramids and many other enigmas are being discussed and analyzed over and over again.

Apparently, the latest topic of discussion among scholars is whether Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs were exposed to genetic engineering by other species.

When Akhenaten became the Pharaoh in 1352 BC, he made some serious changes. These include various religious changes and introduction of the worship of Aten, which was actually a disk shaped object.

In addition to belief that pharaohs are otherworldly beings, the same is believed for human race. Author of book Humans are not from Earth, Dr. Ellis Silver, stated that the human race came to Earth from another place in universe.

Because people are all suffering from some kind of illness, he believes that the Earth is not quite suitable for human needs.

When it comes to abnormalities in Akhenaten’s appearance, some suggest that he had Frohlich’s Syndrome, Klinefelter Syndrome, or Marfan Syndrome. Others believe that these abnormalities are caused by alien intervention.

However, until Akhenaten’s mummy is discovered and properly analyzed, these views are pure theories and assumptions.

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