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People who passed away have a way of contacting you


Many people say that they were contacted by people who passed away. As these people are long gone, many have a hard time believing that such contacts really happened.

These encounters do happen. They happen in many ways and some of them will be further explained in this article.

These encounters can happen while you dream. These encounters usually bear some kind of a message, so pay attention to it.

You might smell a familiar scent. If this scent reminds you of a loved one who is deceased, it means that they are trying to contact you.

If you can’t seem to find some object or you find it in an unusual place, it means that someone from beyond has placed it there. Do not panic over such occurrences, embrace them. They might even move some object that they gave you as a gift.

Sometimes, a series of songs with the same words might call for your attention. This can be an obvious sign sent by a loved one to pay attention to something. It could be just a warning to reduce the speed of your vehicle in order to avoid a possibly dangerous and life-threatening situation.

The loved ones might speak to you using your inner voice. If you ever have thoughts that are not usually your style or seem to guide you in a different direction (than you would usually take), you are being guided by someone else.

Pay attention to subtle signs. When you are feeling down, you might receive a sudden call from a friend. These signs often appear in the form of something unusual, for example, in the form of a flower which is blooming out of season. Recognize them and cherish these moments because someone is looking over you.

Sometimes what is believed to be a mere coincidence is not so accidental. You were actually given guidance when you needed it the most.

There is a certain belief that the deceased people attend their own funeral. The deceased person is there to comfort everyone and show them that he or she is present. Pay attention to a sudden unexplained touch on your hand or shoulder. It means that your loved one is trying to comfort you.

Pets have a unique ability to sense their owner or someone who showed them affection, but is no longer among the living. Dogs might wag their tail while looking at a wall. It only means that they can see or hear someone you can’t.

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