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Fourteen inches mummy discovered in San Pedro Mountains


Two men discovered a tiny mummy in the San Pedro Mountains, Wyoming. The stimated height of this mummy was fourteen inches.

As it was discovered in a cross-legged sitting position, its height was 6½ inches. The mummy’s head was flat and eyes were bulging. Its skin was wrinkled and it had a full set of teeth.

Its origin is a mystery, however, various theories have emerged.

The mummy was given the name Pedro. The anthropologists have concluded that it was a premature baby, which is an anencephalic infant. This means that this baby had a skull deformity, which gave it the look of a tiny grownup person.

As this deformity is rare, Pedro could never be compared to any other case. Another similar finding was discovered in Hermopolis, Egypt in the 1800s.

Other similar discoveries

Another similar discovery was made in Wyoming. Her name is Chiquita and she is a 500-year-old mummy. She is also a tiny anencephalic infant, but with blonde hair.

It is believed that Chiquita and Pedro are related because they were both buried in the same way. Climate in Wyoming gradually mummified their bodies. They were both found in the same sitting position which is another link between them.

Other places of similar discoveries can be found across the U.S – remains of a pygmy race were discovered in Ohio and the remains of thousands of dwarf like people were discovered in Tennessee.

From mortals to worshiped beings

Africoid Homo sapiens worshiped two gods, the God Bes and the Twa.

Bes represents divine being linked to love, childbirth, and sexuality. It is portrayed with hybrid features and with his tongue sticking out.

The Twa are responsible for establishing the Egyptian civilization.

According to legends of Native Americans, people that were 20 inches tall existed. They were named Nimerigar by some tribes and they were known to kill inactive and ill society members.

When it comes to mummy under the name Pedro, he was bought by a businessman, Ivan T. Goodman. Then he passed into the custody of Leonard Walder. However, when he passed away in 1980s, Pedro disappeared.

A reward of $10,000 was offered by John Adolfi in 2005 for Pedro. However, no one came forward to claim the reward.

An advanced technology could solve the mystery of this tiny mummy. But, Pedro is still hidden somewhere.

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