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Pastor Salazar claims: Russia and China will start a war with the United States within 6 months – VIDEO

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Pastor Ricardo Salazar is known for his numerous predictions. He calls himself the new Nostradamus.

His latest predictions include the one about the asteroid striking the Earth and causing more than 1.2 billion deaths, the war that is about to start between the Russia, China and the US, and the second coming of Christ.

He published a video in which he reveals what the future holds for the society. He warns people to prepare for the hardship that is in front of all of us. He even stated that all false prophets will be punished by death because they made false predictions. The judgment will be brought on false prophets by God.

Pastor Salazar is a lawyer from Peru who abandoned his practice to become a pastor in Japan. Before his visions and premonitions started, he was contacted by people who told him that God has a divine purpose for him and that God will use him as a herald.


In a detailed timeline, he revealed the course of future events.

  • Europe won’t allow any more refugees into its countries by closing the borders in 2016.
  • Japan will be attacked by China in February 2016.
  • Russia will confirm that an asteroid is headed towards Earth in April 2016.
  • Massive earthquake and tsunamis will be caused by an asteroid strike. These unfortunate events will take place from May 15 to 17, 2016. This will be followed by eruption of volcanoes across the world, including the super-volcano Yellowstone.
  • Russia and China will attack the US on June 16, 2016, which will be the beginning of World War III.
  • On October 25, 2016, the WWIII will be finished with a victory of Russia and China.
  • The dollar will be replaced with Yen as a global currency in March 2017.
  • Israel will be attacked by Russia somewhere between the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019.
  • The Antichrist will conquer the world in 2020.
  • 2023 is marked by the second coming of Christ and the salvation of humanity.


These predictions are just some among numerous made throughout the history, which never became true.

Pastor Salazar is also one of those who predicted that a 10.2 magnitude earthquake would occur on July 22 in the US and Japan and that a meteor shower on August 22 would be responsible for burning a third of the world’s forests

These events never happened, and hopefully, his latest predictions won’t happen either.

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