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Pastor Ricardo Salazar: Life on Earth will be wiped out in 2016 – VIDEO


Pastor Ricardo Salazar predicted a disaster that is going to happen on May 16, 2016. He claims that God told him to warn people about this.

Apparently, an enormous space rock will hit the Earth and cause tsunamis that will destroy continents and kill 1,200 million people. Afterwards, people will live in a world without food and exposed to diseases, until the Anti-Christ descends to Earth four years later.

He decided to share his warning online. He is a representative of the Global Church of the King of Israel, in Tokyo, Japan.

He further described the dimensions of this asteroid. It is entirely made of ice and is 9km in diameter. It travels at a speed of 30,000 km per hour and it is going to fall into the ocean causing devastating tsunamis.

The world will be destroyed and left in ruins and then, in 2020, the Anti-Christ will come.

This is not the first time a religious person has predicted the end of the world as we know it. Fortunately for the world, so far these predictions were wrong. For example, Harold Camping predicted the end of the world for 2011.

The latest predictions had warned that the end of the world is connected to the Blood Moon. Some people said that an asteroid would destroy the Earth on September 28.

NASA even had to publish a statement explaining that the Earth is not in danger of a giant asteroid. Not even in the following hundreds of years.

However, Pastor Salazar is convinced that he is the only real prophet, while all others are fake. He is the real one because God instructed him to warn the people of the world.

Interesting fact was revealed in a research done in the US. Based on this research, around 40% of people think that the rapture will happen by 2050.

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