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Behind the mirror

Unreliable or false scientific studies

The Lancet is a prestigious medical journal and its current editor-in-chief, Dr. Richard Horton, warns about a serious problem. Dr. Richard Horton suspects that most of published scientific papers within the last couple of years are untrustworthy or even false. The situation is alarming because those the same studies serve …

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Mysterious 500,000-year-old rock

One of the most unusual and rare artifacts was found accidentally. During the search of gem shop owners for the new showpieces in the Coso Mountains (California), in 1961, they collected one very special piece. That was the Coso “spark plug”. They became aware of its uniqueness when they started …

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Is electricity an invention of ancient Egypt?

Electricity is an invention that is in our heads tightly related to the names of Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Edison. But there is an idea that makes us think deeper about things we thought we already knew. We know that eminent Egyptians lived in exceptional examples of ancient architecture and …

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China is preparing a monetary surprise

China promised important changes in the currency markets. Currently, the most trusted currencies in the world are the US dollar, Japanese Yen, British Pound and Euro, but the International Monetary Fund meeting is approaching, and this October the group of trusted currencies may welcome the Chinese Yuan. If this happens, …

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China is going into the lunar darkness

The Earth has never been enough for us. The man’s curiosity goes far behind the spatial limits of our planet, it goes deep into the outer space. Sure, curiosity is not the only thing that drives the human kind, but the important thing is that giving up has never been …

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A divine message from DNA (Video)

When no one expected, a team of scientists from Harvard University discovered a detail testifying about the existence of God. As they announced, one segment of human DNA was hiding a secret message, which consisted of 22 Aramaic words. This is only a part of a message, but for researchers, …

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Interplanetary similarities

Kofun is a term related to one specific segment of Japanese cultural heritage. Kofun is the name of megalithic tombs, originating from the period between the third and the seventh century AD. The period between the middle of the third century and early-middle sixth century is named after these tombs. …

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