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Behind the mirror

Unexplained ancient constructions: Sacsayhuaman

Peruvian Sacsayhuaman is a millennium old ancient megalithic complex. Precisely cut blocks were found on this ancient site. It is believed that culture called Killke constructed part of it 1000 years ago. It seems that the builders of Sacsayhuaman were acquainted with the technology which enabled them to manipulate with giant …

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New view of predator-prey theory

In a new study, researchers discovered that the number of preys does not proportionally increase the number of predators around them. Researcher at the McGill University researcher, Ian Hatton looked into the number of prey species, such as zebras and antelopes, and predator species, such as lions and hyenas, in different …

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Dangers of a massive sinkhole in Russia

A giant sinkhole is becoming more and more dangerous for people living in western Russia. This massive sinkhole is gradually increasing every day. This massive sinkhole developed on the site of a collapsing mine in the Russian region of Perm. The Solikamsk-2 mine was flooded in last November. The dimensions …

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The UN will introduce The 2030 Agenda in September

The UN plans to introduce a new agenda for humanity in September 2015. Under this new agenda, there are 17 sustainable development goals and 169 specific sustainable development targets. This agenda will be fulfilled by the 2030. Every nation in the world is about to adopt the 2030 Agenda. This agenda …

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