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Behind the mirror

Proof of Ancient Civilization in Antarctica

According to a whistleblower Corey Goode, the ice in Antarctica hides an ancient alien civilization. Goode, a secret space program whistleblower, says that in early January 2017 he was taken to Antarctica by the U.S. Air Force to witness a secret excavation work that is under way there on the …

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NASA accidentally films the BEST UFO sighting yet! (VIDEO)

Another unidentified flying object was captured on video by NASA’s space cameras. In the video footage, a mysterious object –with a peculiar disk-shaped design—appears to be traveling out of Earth’s atmosphere causing a massive debate on social networks. What was it? Alien vehicle? Space Debris? Optical Illusion, or just Swamp Gas? …

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FBI: We’ve been visited by ‘beings from another dimension’

 According to the latest FBI disclosure. our planet was visited by extraterrestrial entities. The FBI has published a document on their website which acknowledges that Earth has been visited by “beings from other dimensions.” According to the document, we have been visited by both extraterrestrials and by beings from world’s which “interpenetrates …

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