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Our world will enter the mini ice age by 2030- VIDEO

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The latest predictions about our climate stated that our climate will start to cool down in 2017 until it reaches the mini ice age in 2030. Dr David Evans came to such conclusions based on complex mathematical assumptions.

He also pointed out that climate scientists made a mistake in their calculations. In addition to this, Evans discovered two reasons which influenced wrong calculations. Those reasons include belief that rising levels of CO2 will influence the rise of the Earth’s temperature.

According to his calculations, that won’t happen as fast as the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change suggested.

The second reason is that the previous changes were not included in calculations. He also added that our climate is influenced by factors which cannot be controlled. Thus, he considers wind farms and solar panels a waste of four billion dollars a day worldwide.

His predictions won’t be welcomed by the establishment. Based on his calculations, the temperature will drop by 0.3C before the mini ice age begins in 2030s.

Other scientists won’t accept this theory because they believe that man-made factors are key factors which influence the climate change. One of such factors is the rise of CO2 emission.

According to UK Met Office chief scientist Julia Slingo, CO2 has been on the rise ever since the Industrial Revolution. Portion of CO2 emission comes from ancient carbon, which is being released by burning fossil fuels.

Burning of fossil fuels has also led to decreased amount of oxygen levels. This proves that man-made activities are the leading cause of climate changes around the world.

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