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Traditional Model of the Solar System Is Wrong


In the traditional model of Solar System, planets rotate around the Sun. This model is also known as Heliocentric Model.

There is one more fact that should be added to this. The sun actually moves at a high speed of 828,000 kilometers per hour. This means that the whole Solar system and not just planets are orbiting the Milky Way Galaxy. It takes the Sun 220 million years to circle our Galaxy.

Based on this, the traditional model of the solar System has to be changed. Moreover, our planets are moving through space with the sun. Together, they are creating a helix in space.

This leads to the conclusion that planets of our Solar System and the Sun are always moving. The previous belief that our planet only rotates around the Sun has changed. Our planet has traveled millions of miles through space when it  actually makes one rotation around the sun.

The following video explains this:

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