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One more supervolcano in the US is about to erupt


The second chamber with magma underneath the Mount St Helens in Washington is about to erupt.

Initially,  it was believed that there is only one reservoir underneath the Mount St Helens. However, geologists discovered another, larger one. Magma from the larger chamber flows into the smaller one. Scientists explained that earthquakes in the area are caused by the flow of magma from one reservoir into another.

The scientists also revealed that the increase in the number of earthquakes indicates that the volcano will soon erupt.

There is a possibility that the reservoirs under Mount St Helens also fill the reservoirs under Mount Adams.

The last documented eruption of Mount St Helens happened on May 18, 1980, when 57 people lost their lives.

If one supervolcano is to erupt, the whole world would be covered with ash clouds, which would rise up and block the sun causing the fall in temperatures.

The team of scientists has developed a way to determine when a possibly dangerous magma pool would erupt.

There are many predictions. Some say that the eruption will happen hundreds of years from now, while others even mention thousands or millions of years.

Geospeedometer is used by geologists to determine the time of eruption. US Geological Survey is closely monitoring the activity of Mount St Helens because it is considered the most dangerous one.

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