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Ollantaytambo – another marvel of advanced ancient technology


Ollantaytambo is located in southern Peru. This archaeological megalithic site is located in the region which Inca considered the Sacred Valley.

Ollantaytambo used to serve as a temple and a fortress. Inca Emperor Pachacuti built it around 1440 AD. According to archeologists, this archeological site was constructed on the remains of a city that is even older.

As the similar buildings were constructed in ancient times, it is quite interesting how the constructors managed to build them. These structures were built from precisely cut stones which weigh over 50 tons. Obviously, they knew of an advanced technology, which enabled them to create fascinating structures.

Puma Punku, Tiahuanaco and Sacsayhuaman share the same characteristics as Ollantaytambo. Not even a single sheet of paper can be put between stones, which are positioned so tightly.

Such technology enabled the constructors to cut huge blocks of stone, transport them across rivers and mountains, position them and build amazing structures.

Researchers concluded that some pieces of Ollantaytambo were brought from another mountain. They are still trying to discover how ancient constructors managed to do that.

Archaeologists concluded that rock and bronze tools were used in cutting and shaping the stones in perfect shapes with perfect angles.

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