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Nobody can explain this video with alien spaceships


The presence of UFOs around the International Space Station was revealed in a video. It seems that this video is a definite evidence of alien existence.

The footage has caused a storm after being uploaded on a video by YouTube channel Mister Enigma entitled “UFOs seeen everywhere during Soyuz docking on NASA USTREAM.”

It shows a portion of the docking between the Russian Soyuz TMA-19M spacecraft and International Space Station (ISS) on December 15, when Tim Peake became the first British astronaut to board the space station.

In the video, the narrator, who speaks with a creepy robotic voice, says: “This video, which was taken by the ISS on Tuesday during the docking between the Souyez spacecraft and the ISS is the best piece of UFO evidence captured in years.

“Dozens of UFOs can be seen in the background – some zipping off in the distance, others gently floating by, and even one gigantic doughnut-shaped UFO that seems to inspect the event.

“Once the camera zooms out the sun seems to light them up.”

The new footage has been likened to the “Tether UFO incident” of 1996, when a satellite which was tethered to a space shuttle broke off.

When it was later filmed by the astronauts on board, it appeared to be swarmed by hundreds of “UFOs” that appeared like organisms swimming in a sea.

The narrator continued: “How crazy is this?

Others have said these weird anomalies in NASA space videos are ice particles or just lens flares.


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