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New species of human discovered

new species human indonesia

We are on the very edge of finding a brand new type of human, as DNA testing on a small tribe occupying an Island in Southeast Asia showed that large pieces of their DNA strand do not resemble any other human species on Earth.

By using the science of DNA sequencing, we have found that the early modern human being lived and mixed with Neanderthals, which led to the creation of homo sapiens- us. However, there is also proof that another type of human existed – a species reminiscent of hobbits, which roamed Indonesia.

What is shocking is that new research has shown that there is a tribe of people living on the Andaman Islands, in South East of Asia, that have great chunks of their DNA being completely different than anything found in either Neanderthals or homo sapiens.

Quoting the article which has been published in Nature Genetics, the researcher behind it states that: “We show that populations from South and Southeast Asia harbor a small proportion of ancestry from an unknown extinct hominin, and this ancestry is absent from Europeans and East Asians.”

Even though one should not disregard the fact that these individuals might have originated from an obscure species, there is additionally a chance that homo Erectus is actually their ancestor.

Even though it has been known to scientists for some time, Homo Erectus has been in most cases poorly preserved and researchers have not been able to analyze its genome properly.

The chief and director of NIBMG (The national Institute of Biomedical Genomics), Partha Majumder, claims that: “ What we have possessed the capacity to show is that there is solid probability that there is no less than one more precursor and we have found the fragments of this new predecessor, not found in either the Neanderthal or the Denisovan. “

Majumder also stated that we still need to find the remains of this long gone ancestor, but at the same time claims that NIBMG has led to the birth of multiple lines of life, not just Neanderthal and Denisovan.

The various segments of its genome have been dated to go back to over 40 millennia.

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