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New mysteries on Mars: Unknown creature looking out from a cave – VIDEO

creature in a cave on MArs

There is a new discovery from Mars. Apparently, NASA has captured a creature which is looking out from its cave.

Scott C Waring is one of many UFO researchers interested in this topic. In a video published on YouTube, he talked about this discovery. He believes that this face emerging carefully from a cave belongs to a living being.

He also added that the creature is looking in the direction of a rover.

Other discoveries have also been made on the basis of NASA photographs and this trend won’t stop anytime soon.

The discovery of a carved face in the rocks was published in one of YouTube paranormal channels called Mister Enigma.

The discovery of a crashed zone in one of NASA’s photographs was explained in a video published by Paranormal Crucible.

According to the source of that video, the discovered object is an extraterrestrial drone which was constructed by indigenous Martian population. Based on another theory, the drone was sent by an off world alien species.

UFO researchers even managed to discover two homes on the surface of Mars.

NASA still claims that these discoveries are a result of a phenomenon called pareidolia.

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