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New evidence proves that Hitler had escaped Germany – VIDEO


Producers of a new series about Hitler revealed that they have made new discoveries which might impact the way Hitler’s death is perceived.

This series will be aired on the History channel under the name Hunting Hitler. They discovered a false wall in a Berlin subway station. It is believed that this enabled Hitler to escape.

It is generally believed that Hitler never died in his bunker. Based on a document found among 700 declassified FBI documents, Hitler’s body was never found. Instead, it is believed that Hitler escaped to South America.

The team behind Hunting Hitler decided to start a new and thorough research into Hitler’s escape using the latest technology, while taking into account all previous discoveries.

This team consists of a former CIA officer Bob Baer, US Special Forces operative Tim Kennedy, and a German historian.

Hitler’s personal belongings were loaded on eight planes on April 21, 1945. Hitler was last seen one day before this.

It is believed that he reached the airport using underground passageways. The team discovered a tunnel using sonar device, which explains how Hitler crossed the last 200 yards and reached his destination.

This tunnel enabled Hitler to escape. This tunnel connects U6 subway station and Tempelhof Airport.

They discovered this tunnel by knocking on the walls in the subway station.

The team also made another discovery in a jungle compound in the Misiones province of northern Argentina. They discovered numerous Nazi artifacts on the premises. It is believed that Hitler spent the rest of his days in the Misiones province.

This series actually proves that the theory of Hitler’s escape could be possible. All signs point to it.

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  • Jess Mee

    No “evidence” of anything. The FBI reports simply detail investigations into stories/ allegations that he escaped. No real proof of any such escape has ever been found. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

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