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New declassified FBI memo proves that Roswell incident happened – VIDEO


New pieces of information concerning Roswell and a flying saucer recently emerged. It seems that there were actually three flying saucers and three alien bodies.

the US Air Force discovered pieces of a crashed flying saucer near Roswell in July 1947. On the following day, they changed the initial statement and said that a weather balloon was discovered.

Based on the latest declassified FBI memo from 1950, there were three flying saucers with three-foot tall alien-like beings.

This piece of evidence was discovered in the Hakui Centre for UFO Research in Japan in 1994.

According to the memo, it seems that metallic circular objects shaped like flying saucers were brought to Roswell by radar equipment. Discovered aliens were dressed in something of a metallic texture.

Federal special agent Guy Hottel, who was in charge of FBI at that time, sent this memo. However, the name of the person who provided such pieces of information concerning alien landing in Roswell is blackened out.

Even though this document was discovered in 1994, freedom of information requests allowed for it to be released today.

This document was one of 10,000 reports that were intended for the UFO researchers to see and analyze.

Once again, UFO researchers and conspiracy theorists have evidence to claim that the US government is deliberately hiding information about alien contact.

According to the museum official Toru Wada, the idea was to make this center into a place where the information on UFOs will be collected and displayed.

This center is named Cosmo Isle Hakui. It is located in a UFO-shaped building. This center is mainly devoted to past and present space missions and explorations.


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