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Latest developments in brain implant technology


It seems that scientists are trying to merge a human and a machine together.

The technology under the name of neural dust has been invented by the researchers from UCB. The neural dust is implanted into people’s brains for data collection purposes.

This technology is also able to monitor and track a person’s brain activity. The data is then transmitted into a special transmitter installed on a person’s scalp.

This technology involves biologically neutral microsensors which adapt electrical signals into ultrasound that could be read outside the brain.

The initial purpose of neural dust is to easily treat chronic diseases and disabilities. Government-funded implantable brain chips will read and control people’s thoughts.

On the other hand, these brain implants can be used by evil  individuals to read people’s minds.
The American military is officially conducting brain-computer projects which can control people’s thoughts and emotions.

The U.S. military spent $70 million on such research. The purpose of this was described as a way of helping people who are struggling with addictions and mental problems. This means that when an alcoholic has a craving, this brain implant will detect it and then stimulate the brain to stop that craving.

Many US agencies are funding Obama’s brain-mapping project. Even though the purpose of this project is to help war veterans, others consider it as a mind-control project.


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