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Nearby super-earth makes perfect home for aliens

super Earth-nearby planet

Discovery of a new planet close to our solar system raised the hope that it could be habitable. However, the conditions are not suitable for humans.

Wolf 1061c as it was named, and nicknamed Earth 3, orbits the Red Dwarf Wolf 1061, where a year lasts just 18 days.

The earth-like planet was discovered by scientists at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Australia, who described it as an “incredibly exciting” find.

The university’s Duncan Wright warned that this planet wouldn’t be an ideal planet for humans to eventually reside because of the harsh conditions.

He said: “The conditions would not be pleasant: Gravity is something like 1.8 times that on Earth and the planet is likely to be tightly locked.

“This means one side permanently faces the star and is incredibly hot, while the other side permanently faces away from the star and is very cold.”

But, he added that there is a “twilight zone” which is only partially facing the star, where temperatures remain cool and where life could “plausibly” but uncomfortably exist.



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