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Is Amber room located within Nazi gold train?


Polish authorities stated that they are certain that the Nazi gold train exists in their territory. The contents of that train are still unknown.

Some believe that an ornate room stolen from St Petersburg in 1941 could be located within the contents of the train.

The Germans stole the Amber room from its home in Russia during the war. Amber room was described as the 8th Wonder of the World, because it was stunningly decorated with amber panels, gold and pearls.

The value of Amber room is estimated to be over $275 million.

However, there is an issue concerning this train and the contents of it. Two men who informed the Polish authorities of the train’s existence wanted to obtain a percentage of the train’s value.

In addition to this, Russian lawyers stated that the country wants to reclaim what was stolen from them and will consider it reimbursement for Germany’s actions during World War II.

Based on the provisions of international law, property that was taken away from the USSR territory must be handed over to the Russian side.

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