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NASA turned off live stream when a UFO was spotted – VIDEO


A recording of a UFO flying around the ISS was interrupted by a sudden stop in the live feed. A circular flying object was visible on the camera for a minute before it turned into a blue screen.

It is believed that NASA did this on purpose in order to hide the truth about UFOs from the general public. However, this video was published by YouTube channel Streetcap1.

On the other hand, those who are not so eager to jump to conclusions said that the object was a part of ISS.

The Streetcap1 stated that the origin of the object can’t be determined with certainty from such distance. Nonetheless, the interruption in live stream sure proves that it could be a UFO.

According to Scott C Waring, UFOs are closely monitoring the ISS activity.

This particular UFO is obviously moving and it reflects the light.

NASA did not comment on this. The purpose of ISS is to discover even a microscopic evidence of life in the universe.

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