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NASA scientist says 30 minute trips to mars are attainable


According to scientists, future trips to Mars that last 30 minute could be possible.

Phil Lubin announced in a video blog for NASA – NASA 360 – that they are working on laser propulsion technology which could get a spacecraft from Earth to Mars in as little as three days.

The space agency describes a craft which is currently being developed and would rely on a technology known to experts as “photonic propulsion” which would allow spaceships to explore space at 30 per cent of the speed of light.

However, the scientist behind the claim has now said that it could take just 30 minutes in the future when the technology has become more advanced.

As a result, the spaceship would be travelling at 174.3 million miles an hour, which would be too fast for humans and better suited to robots.

“Humans are extremely fragile and require a lot of support. Robotic missions are much better suited for interstellar exploration in the future.”



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