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NASA reveals secrets: Fossilized dinosaur remains were found on Mars – VIDEO


Media is currently buzzing with the latest news about Mars. One of such pieces of information includes the discovery of a fossilized dinosaur in rocks on Mars.

This observation was made based on photographs taken by the Nasa Mars Curiosity Rover. Such photographs clearly outline fossilized dinosaur remains. According to UFO researchers, these remains belong to Martian pre-historic beast.

This shot was made in the vicinity of Gale Crater. The picture shows a large skull with a distinct small bone and a large eye socket. It also has a large curved spine.

Based on the picture, it can be concluded that these remains truly belong to a Martian creature. It is believed that the remains belong to a Martian version of the Earth’s huge lizard, known as Komodo Dragon.

The discovery of the remains of Martian pre-historic beast is just one among the many discoveries from Mars.

However, NASA’s response to such claims is that so-called discoveries of space-crab, space-lizard and other objects are simply unusually shaped rocks.

Also, these discoveries can be attributed to the phenomenon of pareidolia when a person’s brain tricks the eyes into seeing familiar objects or shapes in textured surfaces or patterns.


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