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New evidence supports theory of ancient nuclear catastrophe on Mars

craters on mars

There is a theory that ancient civilization lived on Mars in the past. Many pieces of evidence exist and support the theory of an ancient nuclear catastrophe on Mars.

The question is – what happened to that ancient civilization?

People believe that there is equal chance that anomalies found on the surface of Marc could be the evidence of the civilizations that inhabited Mars.

Physicist John E. Brandenburg in 2011 offered a theory that an ancient Martian civilization was destroyed by nuclear bombs. Discovery of an anomalous zone called Gale in the Martian crater serves to support this theory.

Other anomalies found by NASA in the last six months also support this theory.

Anomalous region has strange characteristics, which can’t be explained. This region has been discovered just under Mount Sharp where an extremely high neutron emission was registered by instruments.

One detail of Brandenburg’s theory is that thermonuclear explosion is the cause of the red color of Mars.

Radioactive substances like uranium, thorium and radioactive potassium were found on the surface of Mars. The only explanation of this is that at some point a thermonuclear explosion happened on Mars.

Another detail of this theory is that two civilizations Cydonians and Utopians lived on Mars and were destroyed by the nuclear bombing.

Another recent discovery of nuclear melt-glass Trinitite will be presented to the public.

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