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Planet X is closer than ever!


Planet under the name Nubiru has a cycle of 3,600 years around the Sun. According to author Zecheria Sitchin who theorized about the existence of Nibiru, the Earth, the Moon and the asteroid belt were created as a result of collision of Nibiru with another planet.

The juxtaposition of this planet to the Earth could cause a magnetic polar shift. The Mayan calendar supposedly had predicted that Nibiru would cause the end of the world on December 21, 2012.

This planet is also known as Planet X and it is believed that the Government has been hiding information about sightings in order to evade chaos and unrest.

The following video gives information about important components of the cover-up.

Now, NASA is aware that Nibiru has arrived into our Solar System. The Pope and the Vatican are familiar with the Ancient Prophecy about this planet. The approaching Planet X is causing the surface of the Earth to shift and heat up. Throughout the world, Governments are familiar with the exact location of highest influence of Planet X.

It is evident that this planet will have a negative effect on our planet, people should be prepared for anything that might happen. People should devise a plan for their survival, in case anything bad is to happen. In case of emergency, those who have a plan tend to react better than those who don’t.



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