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NASA is hiding underground bases on Mars


It seems that secret underground bases were discovered on Mars. The alien investigators who pointed to this discovery believe that NASA and other space agencies are trying to hide the obvious.

UFO hunters have taken to Google Earth to explore the surface of Mars (yes it does cover other planets too now) and this is the latest “discovery”.

Square or rectangular-shaped openings to what they believe is potentially a secret alien underground base on Mars, and the corners of buildings are the latest discoveries.

Watch this video by researcher Marcelo Irazusta, who claims to have seen through what must have been half-baked attempts by space agencies to have then airbrushed out a sprats are still visible.

The video was posted to YouTube with the post: “Mysterious structures on Mars, most are intentionally hidden.”

It has convinced some fellow UFO chasers that they are on to a big one here.

Scott C Waring, editor of UFO Sightings Daily, could find no explanation other than to: “Look closely and you will see the edges of an entrance that takes ships below the surface of Mars.

“This is the location Earth should choose if they want to make a settlement on Mars. This is a location thats already been used and proven effective by aliens.

“It’s probably abandoned…just waiting for new owners.”

But, for any regulars on Google Earth, whether it is wedged together images of the earth, moon or Mars, you are looking at, will know these repeat anomalies keep occurring.

One unimpressed YouTube poster explained why after watching the video.

“They are caused by Google Earth algorithm lining up images on the globe and can be found all over Google Earth, Moon and Mars.

“If you notice they all occur along the line where two images meet.

“The top one is darker and has a better resolution to the bottom image.

“You cannot rely on anything you see on Google Earth for true anomaly hunting.”


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