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NASA is developing Star Trek-style TRACTOR BEAM

Star-trek-tractor beam technology

It appears that NASA is trying to develop a new futuristic technology. It was revealed that NASA joined its forces with an experimental physicist  to develop a Star Trek-style TRACTOR BEAM.

Science fiction movies like Star Wars and Star Trek have envisioned the future in several occasions.

Technologies that seemed impossible and only achievable in movies have turned out to be completely normal as researchers around the globe are reducing the line that separates science fiction from real science.

Just imagine what the human race could achieve if we had engines like that of the USS Enterprise, tractor beams that allow us to ‘capture’ massive objects in space, or even teleportation.

Science has taken some of the ideas presented in the above-mentioned movies and developed real-life applications.

Now, researchers are developing a ‘TRACTOR BEAM’ which aims to develop a technology like we’ve seen in Star Wars when ‘The Empire’ captures the elusive Millennium Falcon.

Physicists firmly believe they are close to demonstrating that it is indeed possible to CAPTURE, hold, push and even pull objects ni space using ‘beams of light’ over distances of up to 1 cm. Not very useful at the moment but progress is made, you gotta start from somewhere, right?

But don’t worry, researchers say that if they can CAPTURE, hold, push and pull objects from 1 cm, they can also do it over several miles.

Currently, scientists are working on smaller objects with just a fraction of a millimeter across, but this technology could be developed in the future allowing us to CAPTURE spaceships and other objects.

David Grier, an experimental physicist at New York University in New York City who leads the futuristic project, explains how he and his team are working with scientists at NASA’s Goddard Space Centre in Maryland in order to develop a long-range tractor beam that could work over long distances.

“When we were first making tractor beams in the lab at first all we could do was move really tiny things over very, very small distances – just over a millionth of a meter. We are not lifting up an entire battle cruiser and hauling it across space. But then once you have got to cm and to meters the next step is km. That is what we are working towards now,” said Grier.

“In space exploration, this would be a very big deal,” adds Grier.


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