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Proof that ancient civilizations once inhabited Mars?


An anomaly was discovered on the surface of Mars, also known as the red planet. This discovery serves to prove that at some point in the past, this planet was inhabited by an ancient civilization.

Dr. Brandenburg is one of the researchers who believe that Mars was populated by two civilizations known as Cydonians and Utopians. It is believed that these civilizations were destroyed by a nuclear attack.

The surface of Mars is covered with high amounts of uranium and thorium and that supports the theory that nuclear explosions happened in the past.

Dr Brandenburg also believes that civilizations, which populated Mars, were killed by another alien race. All evidence that exists serves to prove that the theory about ancient civilizations on Mars could be true.

As scientists cannot explain these anomalies and considering the fact that keeps NASA exploring the surface of Mars, it can be concluded that there is a chance that all these theories are quite real and true.

A recent image of the surface of Mars showing a creature that looks like a crab, started a debate whether it is just a result of Pareidolia or it represents fossilized remains of a Martian creature.

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