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NASA doesn’t want you to see this incredible piece of Alien technology found lying only two meters away from Curiosity Rover, according to ET hunters [Photo]


Alien hunters firmly believe that NASA is holding back all evidence of alien life. This claim is even further emphasized after a piece of alien technology was discovered two meters away from NASA’s Curiosity rover exploring the Martian surface.

However, NASA tried to cover up the evidence of alien technology on Mars by publishing only tiny copies of the image, according to UFO hunters. This makes it difficult for viewers to see the details of the photo and spot the alleged alien technology on Mars.

Alien technology on the Martian surface, according to conspiracy theorists – view image HERE.

The bizarre “discovery” was made in a new photo  of the Martian surface captured by the Curiosity rover’s Left B Navcam on Sol 1508 (November 2, 2016).

Announcing the incredible discovery, UFO blogger Scott C. Waring claimed that the Curiosity rover photo shows an artificial object that might have been a mechanical part of an alien spacecraft that visited Mars in the past. It proves that a technologically advanced alien race had lived on or visited Mars in the past, Waring claimed.

It was uncertain whether the alien race that allegedly left the piece of machinery on the Martian surface was native to Mars or a spacefaring technological race that visited the Red Planet in the distant past. But it was clear from the Curiosity rover photo, according to Waring, that the object was of artificial design, a creation of advanced extraterrestrial technology.

Waring noted that the alleged mechanical object appeared to be attached to another part.

“I found this mechanical object a few minutes ago. This is a Curiosity Rover photo from Nov 2, 2016. The photo clearly shows a mechanical object sticking out of a notch that was made to hold it,” the UFO blogger wrote in a post to his UFO Sightings Daily blog on November 4, 2016.

“This, no matter what it is, is technology of an alien race,” he concluded solemnly.

Waring once gain accused NASA of attempting to cover up an alleged evidence of extraterrestrial technology. He claimed that the original photo (see unprocessed image on NASA’s website here) uploaded online by NASA was a very tiny image only about 33 kb. The UFO investigator said that he had to enlarge the tiny photo from 33 kb to 535 kb to view the details.

This is not the first time that Waring has accused NASA of deliberately publishing very tiny copies of space photos showing smoking gun evidence of extraterrestrial life and intelligence. According to Waring, publishing tiny photos to hide glaring evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence is one of the several disingenuous methods that the space agency uses to cover up the truth that we are not alone in the universe.

“The photo itself is very tiny. Only 36kb… so I enlarged it to make it 535kb,” Waring wrote. “This allows me to see its true details.”

“NASA has been constantly uploading photos that are too tiny to view, because they hold the secrets to the universe in them.”

According to Waring and fellow UFO hunters, NASA adheres rigidly to a policy of UFO and alien non-disclosure. The government, according to disclosure advocates, does not want people to know that we are not alone and that our universe is teeming with extraterrestrial beings and advanced civilizations.

“The secret [is] that we are not alone in this universe, that there are other species out there that have risen, fallen, and a few that still survive.”

And this is also not the first time that alien hunters have claimed a discovery of alien machinery abandoned on the Martian surface. The Inquisitr reported in June of 2016 that the YouTube alien hunter Paranormal Crucible claimed to have discovered an artifact of alien technological culture abandoned on the Martian surface. The alleged discovery was made in a photo taken by NASA’s Curiosity rover (see YouTube video below).



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