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NASA and Russia received detailed alien messages

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It is believed that astronomers from Russia and NASA were able to receive alien messages coming from a distant sun-like star.

When astronomers first felt the spike in radio signals from a distant star, they were all too excited. The sources of this signal came from the sun-like star called HD 164595.

Not exactly a catchy name but that’s not the point here. This star is from constellation Hercules nearly 95 light years away.

Some of the more boring scientists out there think this is nothing more of a natural phenomenon.

However, other astronomers think NASA and Russia just received an alien message. It’s not the first time either.


UFO researchers Secureteam10 just reported that Russia and NASA detected a very strong mystery signal from space. Thanks to SETI, the search for alien life is heating up in a big way. SETI regularly monitors space for radio transmissions from potentially civilized societies.

On 8/29/2016, they found a strong signal that they think is artificial in nature. Furthermore, it’s coming from a sun-like star very much like our own.

This only increases the chance of finding intelligent life like here on Earth. If this was a stand-alone event, that’s one thing. However, it’s a part of a larger trend.

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The Final ET Message to Earth


We’ve all seen crop circles and for the most part, dismiss them as a childish hoax. However, there are far more to these creations than we give them credit for. There are a few different cases where researchers found a binary code in these crop circles.

According to them, this is a message from ET’s. What they are warning us about is uncertain but estimates range from invasion warning to a simple hello.

It looks like aliens are trying just as hard as we are to communicate. It’s only a matter of time before we establish contact.

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