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Mystery radio signals from deep space reveal something utterly staggering…


Scientists managed to unveil the mystery surrounding the origin of mystery radio signals coming from the outer space.

In March it was revealed that scientists had discovered radio signals coming from deep in the universe which were repeatedly being received by us on Earth.

Since the first burst, astronomers had picked up on a mysterious afterglow which was thought to have been connected to the original event.

It has now been revealed that the mysterious afterglow comes from a massive black hole, which is sending out bursts of energy big and powerful enough to reach us on Earth from an unknown place in the universe.

A study carried out has allowed researchers and Harvard astronomers Peter Williams and Edo Berger to reach a logical conclusion on what the afterglow was.

The duo have said the afterglow was the result of a terrifyingly huge flickering black hole that could swallow nearby space debris.

Mr Berger said: “What the other team saw was nothing unusual.

“The radio emission from this source goes up and down, but it never goes away. That means it can’t be associated with the fast radio burst. Now we have firm evidence for the origins of both short and long gamma-ray bursts. ”

“With more data and more luck, I expect we’ll eventually solve the mystery of fast radio bursts too.”



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