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Mystery of the Lost Cahuenga pass treasure: Baffling unexpected deaths caused by a curse or natural causes?


cahuenga pass treasure

The lost Cahuenga Pass treasure is believed to be cursed. As it was never discovered, the lost Cahuenga Pass continues to be a major mystery of North America.

It all began in 1864 when a fugitive shepherd from Mexico Diego Morena revealed that he was the owner of hidden treasure. According to him, this treasure was hidden along the trail in current day Cahuenga Pass and Whitley Heights.

However, he lied about being the owner of the treasure.

He found out about the treasure earlier that year when he saw a few Mexican agents bury the precious items at the mentioned location.

The buried treasure was intended for guns as the democratic struggle was taking place in Mexico at that time. Four agents carried $200,000 worth in gold, diamonds, pearls. One of them died even before they reached the location. The rest of them believed that the French secret agents were responsible for the death of their fourth member.

When they reached their location, the Bay Area, they discovered that French spies were already at the location. When they reached the safe zone in the Hills of San Mateo, they decided to divide the treasure into six parts and burry it around the area.

Diego Morena was patient enough to wait for them to leave and then decided to take the treasure for himself.

Ultimately, agents discovered that the treasure had been stolen which led them to accuse each other. Their suspicion of each other led them into an argument.  Two agents died and the third one was pardoned for their deaths. However, the terrible faith also struck him and he was killed trying to stop a bar fight in Arizona.

As Diego Morena tried to get away with his treasure, he decided to go through current-day Cahuenga Pass in order to reach his final destination, Los Angeles. At some point, he decided to take a break and spent the night in a small tavern in La Nopalera or Cactus Patch. He had a terrible dream which he took literally and decided to listen to this premonition. This premonition warned him the he would die if he entered Los Angeles with the wrongfully obtained treasure.

He picked a large ash tree to hide the treasure he stole.  Even though he decided to leave the treasure behind, he became ill. A friend of his was taking care of him. Diego Moreno decided to share the secret of the hidden treasure when he was on his deathbed. He said the following words to his friend Jesus Martinez: “On the side of the pass about halfway from the tavern to the summit on the hillside opposite the main road.”

When Moreno died, his friend decided to take his son onto a journey to unearth the hidden treasure. Indeed they found the location of the treasure, but as Martinez tried to unravel the treasure, he had a seizure and died. His son was frightened by his sudden death and run away from it because he thought the treasure was cursed.

A few years later, another shepherd came across the tree. His attention was brought to it as one of his dogs appeared to be excited by something. He took a closer look and discovered a piece of jewelry and a few coins. He took his find with him and died. He drowned when he suddenly fell into the water at one dock in Spain.

The son of Martinez decided to return to the place where his father died. After 10 years, he thought that the idea of the treasure being cursed is mere nonsense. However, he never got the chance to do that because he was murdered by his brother in law.

At some point, people heard about the cursed Cahuenga Pass treasure. Not many people decided to try their luck.

In 1939, a crew decided to finally discover the cursed treasure. Henry Jones claimed that the treesure was located behind the shell of the Hollywood Bowl. Henry and his team were accompanied by three film crews, CBS radio and a slew of reporters and hundreds of other people who decided to observe as the excavations took place. They tried, but never discovered the treasure.

Unfortunately, the curse still followed those who attempted to find the treasure. It was reported that a month after, Henry Jones committed suicide.

Up to this day, the treasure was never found.

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