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Mystery of Antarctica: Tanks are guarding a fallen UFO – VIDEO


A man from Russia discovered the crash site of a mysterious object using Google Earth. It is believed that this unidentified object belongs to the aliens.

This discovery was made by Valentin Degterev. His claim is supported by others, who also decided to look into this matter. Another researcher discovered satellite images of the same crash site, which were taken in April and December 2011.

These images were uploaded by a YouTube channel Third Phase of Moon.

These images even show the skid marks of the UFO and four tanks positioned towards the skid marks.

Other images were posted recently, which show only the crash site. Apparently, tanks are no longer in the area.

Even though the channel has a reputation of inventing such stories and posting misleading footage, they negate such accusations. In this case, the pictures were taken from Google Earth.

According to Mr Degterev, this mysterious finding in the snow of Antarctica could be the remains of a UFO that crashed three years ago. He also posted the images and co-ordinates of the crash site online. He is convinced that a genuine UFO is buried in the snow of Antarctica.

However, not all people are convinced by these claims. Some believe that the images are a representation of an indent in the snow. On the other hand, other support him and appraise him for this finding.

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