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Mystery of a lost Russian plane revealed


The mystery surrounding lost Russian plane from 1935 seems to be unveiled. The lost plane was carrying amount of money which corresponds to today’s millions of pounds.

Plane with 12 passengers and two million roubles disappeared over Russia in 1935. The communication ceased after hour and 15 minutes into the flight.

Since two officers from Stalin’s secret police were among passengers, the case was first classified and afterward closed.

According to report from Russian NGO that searches for remains of people killed in accidents, the bodies of three men and one woman were located in Russia’s Khabarovsk region.

Based on the local legends, it is believed that someone wanted to steal the money so they are considered responsible for this accident.

Search party consisting of a team of volunteers went to the crash site in order to examine it. Unfortunately, they did not find anything of significance since the site was scavenged by treasure hunters. Two million roubles were never found.

The search team that the plane hit the side of a hill because the pilot wanted to dodge a cloud.

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